Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Come and Gone

Here it is November 2nd. Another month has come and gone. The last 9 months of my life have been just that, Come and Gone. Way to quickly for my liking. My baby girl will be 10 months old very soon. Gone are the days where she used to just lay in my arms and sleep, gone are the days where she would just look into your eyes and smile because you are looking at her. She is very close to being a toddler instead of my little baby. She wants to be on the floor moving instead of being held by me, she now looks back and smiles at me as she is heading towards the entertainment center where she knows she should not be and now our house looks like a daycare because of all the toys to keep her occupied.

Why is it the times that you wish life would just stroll along and take its time really goes by super fast. I wanted the first year of my Princesses life to just slowly go on. I feel as if it went so quickly

This weekend was fun. We celebrated Halloween with friends. I dressed Raegan up and she lasted about 10 minutes before falling asleep for the rest of the night. She looked really cute though.

She was my precious little kitten. So now Halloween has come and gone and took the month of October with it. And now we come to November and Thanksgiving. I am sure it will come and go just as quickly as the past 9 months have.

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