Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Adventures in Frugal Land

I have been trying my best to remain frugal. Save money for nicer things. me a nice thing is a really good camera. So I have been frequently visiting this website called It is awesome. This is what I purchased yesterday for a grand total of $9.79. That is a $25.20 cent savings. AMAZING!!

pictured above are 13 name brand items that I got for an average of .75 cents each. You can not beat that. I have to say that being frugal and looking for deals is addicting. I love it now. I am not sure my husband appreciates it yet because this is how a conversation with me goes.
Him: do you want to go to lunch somewhere.
Me: sure, where do you want to go.
Him: I dont care
Me: well let me see what I have a coupon for.
HA HA HA....I try to use coupons every opportunity that I can. Why not? In these days it is good to save your money and be frugal. I am so excited. Its time for me to go look for coupons.


  1. Does it take a lot of time? Do you find that you buy things because you have a coupon or do you actually need what you buy? I have a tendency to buy things because I have a coupon....and then never use it.

  2. The items I have bought so far are items I will actually use. I use cream of mushroom soup all the time and we were almost out of peanut butter. I think I will avoid things that I dont use. As far as time. Took a few minutes to clip coupons or print them but that is about it.

  3. I now have that site bookmarked :-) Thanks!