Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who is this "man"?

Who is the plump man in the red and white suit? The man with the snow white hair and beard? The man with the sleigh and reindeer? To me as a kid he was the toy guy. The best person in the world.

We took Raegan to Disneyland last weekend. She loved it. Such a stimulation overload for her but I think she enjoyed every minute of it. And Santa was there so we took her to see Santa. She was fine with the big stranger dressed in red. Just looked at us like why did you set me on this strange mans lap but overall she did very well.

As much as the above pictures is very cute. Raegan wasn't looking at the camera. I wanted a Christmas Card picture of Raegan looking at the camera so we decided to dress her in red and white and take her to the mall. The Santa at the mall looked very similar to the Santa at Disneyland, so why did we get pictures like this.....

Well...needless to say she did not enjoy this experience. I thought it was kind of funny so I was snapping pictures. Pretty funny that even with a screaming child on his lap Santa still had a big smile. I guess we will settle for the Disneyland picture with Santa. However, I am considering putting one of these on my Christmas cards as well.

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