Monday, February 28, 2011

Walking is scary

Raegan has been walking since 1/11/11 and her poor little head. It seems like she is falling all the time now. She has hit her head several times.

Friday night, she was walking around in the kitchen. I sat down in one of the dining table chairs, she steps on my foot and slipped off. Next thing I know she had fallen. Not only did she hit her head on the solid oak claw foot of the table but also her mouth. I picked my baby up, looked at her and there was blood coming out her mouth and her lip was huge. I almost panicked. I called my hubby and said we were heading to urgent care. My poor princess split the inside of her upper lip and has a fat lip. Luckily no stitches are needed and it will heal on its own. I snapped this photo with my phone before I even cleaned her face off. I just threw her in her car seat and we were off.


  1. Oh poor Raegan! Ellie has had her share of spills, but luckily nothing like that yet! I probably would have done the same thing......take a picture and go to urgent care ;)

  2. Poor little Reagan. Jacob had all kinds of bumps and bruises during the first month or two of walking. He even had a black eye. She'll get better at it.